Environmentally Safe Cleaning Solutions

Green Carpet Cleaning

100% Green, All Natural and ECO Friendly have lost much of their meanings due to the general looseness of claims. Rest assure that Everclean is an environmentally responsible company that offers green carpet cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA’s surrounding. Using our own brand of environmentally safe carpet cleaning products and disposing the waste water in the healthiest, safest manners available ensuring the safety of your family, pets, customers, tenants and of course the environment.

We’d like to tell you exactly why the cleaning products that we use are both eco-friendly and environmentally considerate. They are highly beneficial for toddlers, pets, people with scent & chemical sensitivities and YES, they clean exceptionally well.

By choosing Everclean Carpet Cleaners, we guarantee that we’ll use products that are:

  • Eco friendly, Non bio-toxic, Non reactive and Non carcinogenic.
  • Made from the highest quality ingredients, including natural enzyme-producing cultures, citrus peel, grapefruit seed extract, corn and coconut bases and botanical extracts. We also carry a unique scent-free line of products for people with scent sensitivities.
  • Contain no dangerous compounds such as caustics, butyls, phosphates, quaternary ammonia, artificial fragrances, or chemical brighteners.
  • Exceed the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development latest standards for “readily bio-degradable”.
  • Not tested on laboratory animals. Absolutely cruelty free.
  • Less toxic than the lowest category for “minimum toxicity” set by environment and government agencies.